Istanbul's city line ferries now allow dogs without cages
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Istanbul's city line ferries now allow dogs without cages

Istanbul's  city line ferries, one of the most frequently used transportation in the mega city, has announced that dogs are now allowed on ferries without cages.



The previous practice only allowed pets on board in cages and sparked debate after Sushi, a golden retriever-Labrador owned by siblings İpek and Orçun Orhan, died in a cage on a ferry managed by İDO on their way from Istanbul to Muğla.

With a social media campaign mobilized by animal rights activists, tens of thousands of people demanded the city line ferries accept dogs on board with muzzles.

Upon the public demand, Istanbul City Lines made an announcement allowing pet dogs on board. The announcement read: "Upon demand made by our passengers, Istanbul City Lines now allows pet dogs on board without a cage as long as they put on a muzzle.

The dogs will be able to travel outside the passenger lodges or the secure places shown by ferry personnel. On the other hand, guide dogs that accompany hearing and visually impaired passengers are allowed into the cabin with other passengers."

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